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Kioti DS4510

The Kioti DS4510 is a 45 horsepower Compact Utility Tractor manufactured by Kioti. The DS4510 features a diesel engine rated at 45 HP (engine) and 35 HP at the PTO. The DS4510 is in the DS series made by  Kioti, and accepts a variety of attachments such as a front-end loader (FEL), backhoe, mid and rear-mounted mowers, box scraper, blade, rake, rotary tiller, posthole digger, and hundreds of aftermarket attachments that connect to the 3-point hitch and PTO.

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Make and Model Kioti DS4510
Horsepower (gross)
Horsepower (PTO)
Number of Cylinders
Fuel Tank Capacity
Transmission Type
3-Point Hitch
3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity (24" behind lift point)
3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity (@ lift point)
Power Take-Off RPM (rear)
Power Take-Off RPM (mid)
Weight lbs.

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